6 Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

It will not be wrong to say that almost all of us, at least at some point in life, have woken up from sleep with a pain in our neck or might have suffered an injury that resulted in neck pain.

Neck pain can indeed make things very difficult. Even though you cannot avoid sudden injuries, you certainly can bring about some changes in your lifestyle that can help prevent your neck from experiencing the horrible pain and you going to the spine specialist nj.

Here are some tips:

Use a Cervical Pillow

woman sleeping

It is very much possible to hurt your neck muscles while sleeping.

If you want to avoid experiencing neck pain as the first thing in the morning - try sleeping with an orthopedic or cervical pillows. These pillows have been designed in a way to support the areas beneath your neck and behind your head.

The cervical pillow, with its depression, offers extra space to support your neck and keeps it more properly aligned with your head. It also keeps your neck aligned with your spine.

Carry Weight Properly

We all make the same mistake: carry a very heavy bag in one hand.

If you do so too, your shoulders become uneven, and the weight of what you carry is distributed unevenly. Only one side of your body is burdened with all the weight and this will make your muscles strained.

This can cause neck pain. To avoid this, you should distribute your bags evenly between both your hands.

Exercise Every Day

You need to keep your neck muscles strong by doing few stretching and strengthening exercises every day. One of the easiest exercises that you can do is the chin tuck.

This exercise will help strengthen the muscles that pull your head into an alignment over your shoulders. It also stretches the suboccipital and scalene muscles.

Keep Your Computer at Eye Level

Sit in front of your computer with eyes closed. As soon as you open them, you should be looking directly at the center of the screen. If you need to look down, then you must prop up your computer to bring it a little higher.

Avoid Frequent Texting

Looking down at your cell phone to text or play games for any length of time strains your neck. Gradually, the added stress on your ligaments, discs, and the joints in your neck can lead to premature degenerative changes in your neck.

If you want to avoid this damage, raise your mobile to your eye level, minimize your frequency of looking at the screen, and take frequent breaks if you need to look at your phone screen for longer durations.

Stay Hydrated

glass of water

You surely must have heard this a million times - you should drink lots of water all through the day. It helps balance fluids in your body, keeps your skin glowing, and is great for your entire system.

But how can drinking water help your neck? Well, the discs present between your vertebrae or the bones in your spines are made up of mostly water. If you want to keep your discs flexible and healthy, then you must stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water every day.