Standing Desks: Good or Bad for Your Health?

We prefer to work while seated, but that seems to be the reason why everyone from school children to working adults are prone to serious health risks.

There is reliable evidence to show that spending hours behind a desk is the reason why doctors are recording more cases of diabetes, heart disease and other causes of early death.

The major downside is that we have to attend school and show up to work where we have no choice but to work at our desks. All is not lost though, as people can use standing desks to avert such health problems:

Solves the Problem of Obesity

Research shows that using standing desks could be the answer for many people with obesity. The combination of fast food and several hours of sitting leads to excessive weight gain because calories are barely burnt due to minimal activity.

While exercise is the best way to burn fat, there is credible evidence indicating that standing while you work can help burn 170 calories.

Avoids Diabetes

Diabetes is a real issue affecting many people around the world and it is obvious that standing for three hours after lunch prevents a blood sugar spike by nearly 50%. This means that we can avoid diabetes if we choose to stand at the office or school.

Good for Productivity

Besides serious health issues, standing desks are a great tool for the person who wants to remain more productive.

It's easy to slip away while sitting at a desk, but standing will definitely keep you awake - even after a heavy meal. You will be able to serve clients much better and faster.

If school children can bear learning as they stand, they will certainly respond better and faster to their teachers.

Reduces the Chance of Heart Disease

There was once a study that found that bus conductors had lower risk of cardiac ailments compared to drivers who spend more time in their seats.

This prompted further research which proved that spending more time on your feet reduces the chance of heart disease.

Reduces Back Pain

Standing desks could be the way to reduce back pain common among office workers. People who use standing desks tend to feel more energized throughout the day - as opposed to their counterparts who prefer sitting.

So, maybe before the alarm goes on and you have to run to a spine specialist nj, try using standing desk for a while and see how it goes.

Makes You Happy

Standing also helps to elevate one’s moods by reducing levels of stress hormones in the body.

Standing desks might not be the substitute for exercise and proper diet, but they certainly contribute to good health.

If you aren't into the idea of standing all day, choose an adjustable desk that could be used for sitting as well as standing. This will create a balance and in the long run help you to be as healthy as possible.